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Australian eBook Publisher works with third party editors. By enquiring with us about editing, you give your permission to pass your contact details on to one of our trusted colleagues, who will be in contact. Otherwise, we encourage you to visit the iPED website and use the excellent directory of editors on there. We also recommend you check out editoraustralia.com for lots of useful information about editing in Australian English.

Amanda Greenslade is an editor in Brisbane who offers editing services Australia-wide.

Phone: 0403 124 533

Email: greensladecreations@gmail.com

Websites: editoraustralia.com | amandagreenslade.com

The writer who breeds

More words than it needs

Is making a chore for the reader who reads

—Inspired by the original Dr Seuss quote

Lynne Stringer is a professional editor with membership in the Institute of Professional Editors. She has been editing non-fiction since 1998 and fiction since 2011 and loves to help authors on their journey to publication.

For more information about Lynne and what she can do for you visit: 


or email: lynnestringerauthor@gmail.com

Elevate your manuscript to perfection with our comprehensive Editing/Proofreading Experts.

We refine and polish your work while preserving your unique voice, ensuring your story resonates deeply with readers and stands out as a polished masterpiece.

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