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The New Facilitators Handbook For Group Workshops

Author: Linda Carr
ISBN: 9781925029505

About the project
Linda came to us with a ready made PDF of her book layout which she wanted converted to fixed layout epub and mobi files. The cover was already designed and the layout already created, so all we had to do was convert the book layout to an ebook for her.

She had some alterations to her original layout, specifically removing some graphics and some imperfections that had come about from being in a PDF and then she was happy with the result!

About the book
his book is intended for all people who are new to group facilitation and need to understand the basic concepts to design and conduct effective workshops. Workshops are characterized by the need to harness the knowledge and ideas of a group of individuals and move them to an agreed outcome. Participants feel valued and have ownership of the outcome.

The book is casual in style and moves easily from discussion of the common types of workshops, the 5 phases of any workshop design, hints for use of resources, post workshop activities, facilitator presence and includes sample agenda templates as well as a facilitator evaluation sheet. Many of the techniques are suitable for good meeting management as well.

Successful workshops are based on three components - clear understanding of the desired outcome, the participants and the facilitation process/techniques. This book covers these topics and arms the reader with the skill and confidence to deliver outcomes for their organisation.


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