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Acquiescence-coverContributors: Glen Sea (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271966
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About the project

Ebook - 1st Edition
The Acquiescence project consisted of converting the customer supplied manuscript to both epub and mobi formats. The cover design was supplied by the customer in the correct format for ebooks. We also distributed the approved ebook formats to all major vendors.

Ebook - 2nd Edition
The customer returned with his edited manuscript to be re-converted to both ebook formats, epub and mobi. He was quite satisfied with our service that he also requested we design a new cover and apply Ebook Designer's Touch™  to the entire manuscript. Once approved, we also created a title page using fonts and graphic elements from the front cover. We then re-distributed his 2nd edition to all major vendors.

About the book
Living in a tropical paradise of coral reefs and coconut palms a foreboding undercurrent prevailed. As a leader, Dartarn had to navigate through the raw exchanges of a ‘kill or be killed’ mentality on a daily basis. He lived his days with a distinct feeling of unease that something was very wrong with the social order of their way of life and he would risk all to stake that claim; with his life in the balance at every turn. His true motives are withheld from all, not even his wife Pellè knew the depths of Dartarn’s hidden secret.

But little did he know that his destiny was on a collision course with a damning incident that took place over a century ago. This clash with a people far removed from his own way of life would shape the circumstances of his life irrevocably.

Dartarn is unable to keep up with the pace of his quest to know the truth and begins to show his true colors in the most unexpected way. With his wife and children exposed to imminent danger, will they be safe from his inherent quest to be a good man, or will the calculated, killer’s instinct within overtake him and be his final downfall.

This is a heartfelt story based on actual events that took place in a forgotten land. There is an intriguing connection, not yet realized, that defies both time and distance. It will expose contradictory societal norms from both ends of the earth, while at the same time linking them both together.

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