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Algebra for High School

Des Ryan (Author)

This file was converted to a standard (reflowing) epub and mobi from a Microsoft Word document. We designed the front cover, keeping it in line with the mathematic theme. There were 14 chapters, and less than 10 images. Approximately 400 mathematical equations were converted from either tabbed text or embedded images into formatting that would be friendly for a reflowing ebook. Many had to be kept as images (or converted from symbols to images) so that the equations presented correctly (ie. with correct figures in the correct columns), regardless of the magnification of the type on the reading device.

We enjoyed the challenge of working out which equations suited the reflowing format and were okay to be left as symbols, or which ones had to be converted to an image for better readability. Sometimes ebooks with mathematical equations are better designed in fixed layout epub and mobi, however due to the volume of text within this book it was going to be much more readable as a reflowing book (especially on smaller devices such as a smart phone).

There were also a lot of blocks of text within tables with borders, or within grey boxes. These also represent a challenge when it comes to formatting an ebook, however we ended up with a very tidy, nicely laid out ebook that—when the type is not too large on a device—presents the equations simply and concisely.

Book Information

A self-help resource for anyone encountering difficulty with High School level Algebra. The contents have been presented in an unabbreviated and progressive layout. Short question and answer sessions are included through out the book.

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