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Astrum Divinus

Author: John D. Christoper (Facebook)

About the project
Prior to converting this book we first edited the 90,000-word document. We then began creating a unique and professional cover design which indicates the genre and content of this book. Once the cover design was approved, we started conversion of the book to standard epub and mobi and distributed it to all major channels. We highly recommend reading this book as it already has some great reviews including the following:

This is an absolute amazing book! My personal opinion is it is better than The Davinci Code!!

I won't tell you anything about just because I do not want to ruin any of it because once you start reading, you just do not want to stop!


Ebook no longer for sale via Australian eBook Publisher.

Book Information
All his life, Dr. Peter Northcott has been plagued by disturbing dreams: apocalyptic scenes of angels and demons, and visions of fire and blood. Concentrating on his scholarly life in Rome, Peter is approaching his thirty-third birthday when he is accosted by a mysterious priest.

Father Renauld claims to have important information regarding Peter’s destiny. He spins a tale of secret societies, ancient texts and enemies, who not only threaten Peter himself, but the whole of creation.

Peter retreats to his adopted parents’ home in England. Even there he is haunted by dreams of Armageddon. His parents beg him to listen to the priest’s story. Can these intelligent people really believe in a war of cosmic proportions? What was the true motivation behind Peter's adoption?

Reluctantly, Peter visits a subterranean cavern, situated deep in the bowels of the Pyrenees Mountains, to retrieve an ancient scroll. Records of fire, murder and secrets echo Peter’s visions but can he really be the divine star, the saviour of the world?

The idea is unthinkable, but what if it is true? What if he is the Astrum Divinus?

Readers of apocalyptic fiction, historical fiction and speculative fiction will enjoy this supernatural, historical novel. If you enjoyed “The Davinci Code” by Dan Brown or “The Omen” by David Seltzer, you are going to love “Astrum Divinus”.

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