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Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary and Handbook 23rd Edition

Contributors: Pharmaceutical Society of AustraliaAPF23-COVER
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9874550-5-5

Ebook available via the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's website.

Project Information

We converted this book from client-supplied PDFs. It involved ensuring the ebook would work on Bluefire and Adobe Digital Editions, and optimizing over 115 tables and over 125 images. There were over 3,000 hyperlinks (including cross references and citations) that needed to be included in the ebook.

Book Information

The everyday guide to your pharmacy practice.

APF23 provides quick and easy counselling advice and a range of relevant and practical pharmacy information.

A handy reference to help you identify medicine-related issues, make clinical decisions and advise on appropriate therapy. From smoking cessation to wound care, hay fever to headache, children to older people, APF23 has it covered.

APF23 provides pharmacy students with a sound knowledge base of pharmacy practice essentials. It contains easy to use counselling guides, fundamental pharmaceutical formulation information and essential background to clinical pharmacy concepts.

With APF23 as your clinical companion, you will always have the answers you need.


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