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Belonging: The story of how James became a Brown

Contributors: Anne M Brown (Author)

About the project
We proofread Anne’s manuscript before we converted it to epub and mobi. We designed the cover based on Anne’s brief then loaded it all to ebook vendors. It was a pleasure working with Anne and we hope she does well in the future.

About the book
James was desperately in need of a family. His life so far had been traumatic. Neglected and abused by his birth parents, separated from his brother and with a string of foster homes, institutional stays and a failed adoption, James had grown into an anti-social ten year old at war with the world. His social workers were beginning to wonder if they would ever be able to find a family for their damaged young charge.

The Brown family felt it was time to expand their family. For months they had participating in the preparation required for a permanent adoption placement. The social workers running the Special Needs Adoption Program pulled no punches. It was going to take a lot of skill, patience and flexibility to cope with one of their damaged children. The Brown family believed they were up to the challenge.

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