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Charlie & Me in Val-Paradis

 Maureen Cashman (Author)
Epub ISBN: 9780992316006
Mobi ISBN: 9780992316013

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Book Information

In January 2003 Maureen Cashman and her poodle, Charlie, escaped the bushfires of Canberra Australia to live in the restored wing of an ancient priory in a tiny village in south-west France. Cashman was seeking quiet and seclusion to write a historical novel, but instead was seduced by the landscape, the changing seasons, the lifestyle, the villagers, their traditions and their stories. This book is the story of Cashman and Charlie's time in Val-Paradis.

Bookseller and Publisher August 2008 said: ‘This gently-paced book . . . provides a delightful and thoughtful window into the rural lives of these French villagers, enhanced by the charming illustrations. . . . This is a contemplative insight into rural France at a time when it is on the cusp of change. . . . It will appeal to anyone interested in people and places as well as travellers, dog lovers and Francophiles.’


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