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Climate Change Delusion: More CO2 is Good for Life on Earth

9781925427400Contributors: John Robertson
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925427-40-0
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925427-41-7
PDF ISBN: 978-1-925427-65-3
Published date: 21 March 2016

Ebook available: This book is no longer for sale.

About the project
John's goal with this project was to have an ebook that could be easily used and read by those it was intended for. We assisted him with marketing and creating his metadata before we designed a cover for his ebook, and used our Ebook Designer's Touch™ to create a design for his ebook that was suited to his content. With the cover and design ready to go, we converted his Word document into epub and mobi. We also created an interactive PDF of the book that John could use for marketing purposes. Within a short amount of time, the ebook was ready for distribution and we aggregated it onto our usual vendors.

About the book
Do you sometimes wonder if the climate doom forecast by so many scientists can really be true? Or do you see reports of extreme weather and fear that we may be on the edge of a climate precipice? For you this short, very readable book gets straight to the truth on "climate change".

Recently the climate change industry has been spruiking the 0.9 C average temperature rise over the past century. The message; be afraid and do exactly what we tell you to. Rubbish!

Most readers will have experienced a temperature change of ten times that over the past 24 hours in their own backyards. The 0.9 C rise is real but it is tiny, in relative terms, and it is beneficial not harmful. Perspective is essential here.

"Climate Change Delusion" shows that more CO2 is profoundly good for mankind and nature. It does so by using information from United Nations bodies such as the FAO, WHO and the UN MY World survey. Contrary to the forebodings of the excessively-paid doomsters, things overall are getting better and are doing so at an increasing rate. The UN’s own agencies, and others of the highest repute, show irrefutably that this is so.

Most of this improvement is thanks to more CO2 and would be impossible without it. Further improvement, especially for those now in poverty, depends on still more CO2. So when you do something that adds CO2 to the atmosphere (it may be as simple as boiling a kettle or driving your car to work) give yourself a pat on the back as a good citizen of the world.

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