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Dinkum Aussie Ringer

Contributors: Warren Purnell
Epub ISBN: 9781925177763
Mobi ISBN: 9781925177770
Ebook available: This title is no longer available

About the project
Warren already had a printed hardback book version of Dinkum Aussie Ringer when he approached us, wanting to see it come to life as a reflowing ebook.

He didn't have a manuscript, only a copy of the original book - which we OCR scanned for him and then from there developed into an ebook, including the cover and all of the great illustrations and photographs throughout the book.

As part of Warren's marketing we are also creating a website and some marketing materials.

About the book
From one of Australia’s master storytellers comes a collection of true blue yarns, tall tales, bush legends and colourful characters.

Each story contains entertaining and factual insights into life in the Australian outback. All delivered with Warren Purnells’ unique side-splitting Aussie humour. It contains over twenty photographs of country living and humorous illustrations by Dave Carter. Purnell has also included some classic Aussie bush tucker recipes—no reptile or animal escaped his cooking pot!

This hilarious Aussie autobiography about a stockman in the outback will delight readers interested in Australian history and tickle the funny bone of the Aussie larrikin in all of us.

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