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Echoes of Jesus

Jonathan Clerke (Author)

Ebook available: This book is no longer for sale.


What we did:

Using the customer’s 104,000 word document (Microsoft word format), we did the entire book layout and organised the printing for the customer. The book layout involved formatting over 1000 footnotes, multiple level headings and the design of icons for the beginning of each chapter. Once the book layout was done, we commenced the conversion to ebook.

The footnotes became endnotes which were hyperlinked and inserted into the ebook. It was converted to epub and mobiand we are very happy with the layout of the ebook, as it looks very similar to the print layout—which doesn’t always happen simply due to the fact that some things don’t represent as well in digital format. The chapter icons presented well and the multi-level headings all looked great.


Many find it impossible to believe Jesus’ words were recorded accurately because he did not write the New Testament himself and there were not mechanical or electronic methods of recording his teachings.

Furthermore, surely the hand-copying over the centuries must have distorted the original manuscripts. This book presents evidence showing that the New Testament is an accurate portrayal of the life and teachings of Jesus.

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