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Entrepreneurial Intelligence

Allan Bonsall  (Author)

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This was a straight forward conversion from a word document to standard epub and mobi. This was a rush job and so we agreed with the customer at the beginning that we would get them distributed in time before his printed version release. This was achieved with plenty of time to spare. It was good working with Allan and hope to work with him again in the near future.

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The lifeblood of every developed nation is entrepreneurs, people who set out to build their own destiny and achieve fame and fortune. Yet 30% of all new businesses in Australia fail before their first year is finished; in the US 44% of enterprises have closed their doors by the 3rd year.

Why do some entrepreneurs succeed while others struggle to realise their dream?
Phillip Di Bella began Di Bella Coffee in 2002 with $5000 in his pocket. Within 4 years the company had made BRW’s Top 100 Fastest Growing list, with Phillip named among the top 100 young rich.
Phillip has turned his knowledge of coffee into a multi-million dollar business, yet his ambitions and dreams were no different than the thousands who dream of an empire and embark on their own journey every year to achieve success.

This book is about the formula that drove his success; the same formula which we believe drives the success of every great entrepreneur. That formula is simply called entrepreneurial intelligence. It is required reading for any entrepreneur who wants to survive the cut, and prosper.

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