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Flipping for Success

9780994365804Authors: Paul Galland
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-994365-80-4

About the project
Paul Galland supplied us with his pre-formatted manuscript which was converted to standard reflowing epub and mobi. The customer also supplied us with the cover design and high quality images. The project was reasonably straight-forward since there was no design or formatting work involved. Once the conversion was approved, we distributed it to all major vendors.

About the book
Flipping for Success confronts today’s disruptive business challenges through the lens of re-examining business strategy, and in particular how to be better at strategic execution.

We are seeing more business disruption than in the past three to four decades. The old ways of growing an existing market and competing on price are yesterday’s formula for success. The other form of competition, differentiation, has leap frogged into the spotlight as the preferred way to compete. This word goes by another more common name, innovation.

Never has there been this level of competitive pressure on businesses for the past two generations. Those businesses that wait too long to transform themselves are doomed to the history books.

Unfortunately many businesses lack the adequate instruments to make this successful transformation. To complicate matters many businesses have been internally designed around the slower, compete on price, form of competition. These existing internal structures prevent them from making this change.

This book explores the question ‘why change now’ and offers up approaches to rewiring business strategy for a new consumer age. It is a must read for board members, leaders and strategists wrestling with a host of planning challenges in their organisations today.

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