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Grandma Ruby’s Cookbook

Contributors: Andrew Mac Gregor (Author)

Ebook no longer available
This ebook was converted from Word to ePub and Mobi by our team and aggregated by Australian eBook Publisher. We designed the cover for Andrew, using a stock image. This book was a fairly straightforward procedure as there were no images other than the cover and Andrew was very pleasant to work with throughout the entire process.

About the book:
This is a no fuss easy-to-follow basic cookbook. You don’t have to be a master chef to follow the easy recipes and make delicious meals. These tried and tested home cooked meals will be a hit with all the family and friends. With simple-to-follow steps even the beginner cook will easily master the traditional meals and delicious desserts. There is no pressure using this cookbook so there are no glossy photos to be compared with, so your meals are your very own creations every time.

Also included are a few handy hints to show what you can do with those yummy left-overs as we don’t want to waste even a single crumb.

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