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Grant’s Guide to Fishes: The Fisherman’s Bible

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-70-6
Published date: 13th October 2015
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About the project
We were supplied PDF documents for this book and converted them to a standard reflowing epub and mobi. We also aggregated the ebook to the vendors listed above. There were many complexities with this project as there were thousands of links within the text and hundreds of images. Care had to be taken in order to get the ebook looking as close as possible to the printed book and we think it turned out very well.

About the book
For five decades, Grant's Guide to Fishes has been the most well-known fish identification book in Australia. Updated often, it includes information on catching, preparing and cooking fish. It also contains many anecdotes from the author's personal experience with countless varieties of fish. It includes all commonly-caught fish around Australia and contains fish relevant to all countries in the Pacific and others with coral reefs. Inside, readers will find 1078 fish, sharks and rays displayed across more than a thousand colour photographs. A special update to the latest (2014) edition is a photo index of typical types of fish.

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