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High Speed Spinning: The Lure of Sportfish from the Rocks

CoverHSS_400px_03Contributors: Greg Stoneham
Epub and Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925271-74-4
Published Date: 9 March 2016
Ebook available:

About the project
First of all with this project we designed the front cover, using a stock image. We then used the customer supplied Word document and applied our Ebook Designer's Touch™ to it, ensuring that all headings and formatting was consistent throughout. This book was quite a complex book in that there were so many sub levels of headings and there were also over 210 images, along with several graphs that needed to be redone in Illustrator in order to make them sharp when viewed in the ebook. There were also many tables that had to be formatted and resized in order to suit the ebook standard for a reflowing format. Once ebook conversion was done, we handled the ebook distribution to all the major vendors.

About the book
Ever dreamt of catching a tuna, mackerel or kingfish with lures from the rocks? Maybe you’ve tried and fallen short or perhaps you’d just like to know where to start. Well, success may soon be coming your way. High Speed Spinning is the first book to truly and comprehensively describe how to catch big sportfish with lures from the rocks. With almost 100 years of spinning between its author, Greg Stoneham, and his two closest fishing buddies, decades of knowledge and experience can now be at your disposal the next time you go to buy tackle, try to cast or retrieve it, figure out where or when to go fishing, determine your strategies on the rocks, or for when – and especially for when – fish smash your lures in massive boils and start screaming line from your reel. No longer do you need to spend years learning how to hook, fight and land fish, because High Speed Spinning guides you into and through such situations, giving you the best possible chances of holding them up, beautiful and glistening for photos. And with advice on targeting individual species and keeping yourself safe, plus a selection of stories, photos and a run-down on the history of spinning, what more could you possibly need – other than the spanish mackerel or tuna to turn up while you’re casting! High Speed Spinning isn’t one of those fishing books that goes through the basics and leaves you to sort things out in practice. It tells you everything you need to know to catch fish from the rocks safely, and whether you’re a novice or more experienced, there’s no doubt it will improve your fishing, at least to some degree and potentially significantly. For the cost of just a few lures, your dreams and aspirations are closer than you ever thought...

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