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Ho Manifesto!

9781925427868Contributors: Barbara Binland (author)
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925427-86-8
Print ISBN: 978-1-925427-87-5
Published date: 15th June 2016

Ebook available: This book is no longer for sale.

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About the project
We designed the cover for this book, using a combination of stock images and photoshop text and imagery, then we did the print layout. The 108-page book was then loaded to print on demand for distribution and is now available for purchase. In addition, we adjusted the layout to be ebook friendly and converted it to epub and mobi. The ebook was then distributed through Apple, Kobo, Kindle and Google Play.

About the book
By the same author who brought you belly laughs and silent tears in “Grey Liberation Day” is a new set of verse for over 50s. “Ho Manifesto!” is to baby boomers what “All Right Vegemite” is to dinkum Aussie children. This hilarious collection of poems turns stereotypes and clichés upside down, sets the English language on itself and ruins your favourite fairy tales! Like all great poetry you can take whatever meaning you like from the works of Barbara Binland. Just be ready for anything. She does not shy away from controversy and complexity, covering, in her lilting rhymes:—

  • ageing
  • divorce
  • the shortcomings of cyber friends
  • the nutritious food crisis
  • the vaccination debate
  • corruption in high finance
  • the rise of robots
  • domestic violence
  • libido and love
  • life the universe and everything!

Down on its knees begging to be read aloud “Ho Manifesto!” is a treat for your mind and your ears.

—: Excerpts :—

“A tribute in our golden years, As I recollect, no poignant tears, I glimpsed him in my peripheral vision, By now, we're both older editions”

“I only open my mouth, it seems, To offend, by changing feet, Born with foot in mouth disease, Don't take any notice, please.”

“Some men are spam, Too much negative ham, Energy vampires a'boxing, Women do need detoxing”

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