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Keys to a Dream: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Your First Home

Paul eBook Cover Image 13122016Author: Paul Rana

About the project
Paul came to us wanting to convert his Word document manuscript into an ebook in order to distribute it himself. Prior to ebook conversion, however, we edited Paul's manuscript for him. We also used our Ebook Designer's Touch™ to make his manuscript fit in with the theme in Paul's supplied cover.

You can find Paul's book via his website:

Feedback from Paul

Writing my book was a hobby project for me and hence I didn't have much experience with how it all worked, but Lynne and Sharnai were extremely patient and helpful and took me through all the intricacies involved. They had every service I could think of for any novice writer, more than any other competitors out there. They under-promised and over-delivered, which is very professional and honest behaviour for any organisation. They did an excellent job with the book and I am really glad I found and hired them for my first project, thank you!

About the book
Thinking of getting your new home built?

Don't let lack of research turn your dream of a lifetime into a nightmare. An indispensable resource for new home buyers, Keys to a Dream is full of great insider tips and guides you at every stage with practical information. Learn the tricks & traps, know the dos & don'ts and consider the pros & cons to make informed decisions tailored to your needs. No frills, no gimmicks, just an honest and unbiased guide packed with useful details to enable you approach the daunting task with total confidence.

Keys to a Dream is an extensive and in-depth guide created to assist anyone looking to get a new house built in Australia (or any other country with a similar home building methodology). The guide takes you through every aspect of the process, from budgeting and financing, choosing the right land and builder, customisation and selection options to final handover and even beyond. It is designed to assist a complete novice or even the experienced in making the right decisions in the process of building their first home, and lists avoidable pitfalls and best practices towards achieving the ultimate goal of owning a great new home.

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