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Marine Pharmacy Guide

Robert S. Richards and Matthew L. Peers (Author)

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What we did:

We designed the front cover for this book, using stock images. We used the client-supplied Word document to design the book for print first of all, using Adobe InDesign. Using style sheets, we formatted all the text (which included not only multiple tables, but also many different levels of headings as well as bold and italic type throughout). We also designed ‘alert’ boxes as a stand-out featureto go on the side of the pages, in order to create a visually appealing book which will be used by first aid staff on ships as a medical guide.

There were many tables in this layout and the challenge lay in keeping consistency throughout the book, without compromising the uncomplicated design and feel of the book. We organised offset printing,with our fantastic printer in China, and liaised with the client and the printer on which type of stock to use.

Once the book was completely signed off for print, we then moved to the ebook conversion phase of the project. We managed to keep the layout looking very much the same as it does in the print edition, with the Alert boxes remaining on the left hand side of the page and remaining at a consistent size throughout, regardless of what size the type was enlarged or reduced to by the reader of any particular device.

We are quite proud of this book as it is probably one of the biggest we have worked on to date, and we feel that it really does encapsulate what we stand for here at Australian eBook Publisher: quality at an affordable price.


For almost 30 years the Marine Pharmacy Guide has been the most popular and trusted resource for people in the maritime industry seeking up-to-date information on medicines and pharmaceutical equipment that are typically carried on-board seafaring vessels.

The all new Marine Pharmacy Guide (Fifth Edition) provides drug information in simple, easy-to-understand language. It is intended for everyone from a ship’s officer to an owner, a yacht captain to a first aider.

Ensure that on your ship staff will only ever administer a scheduled medicine with reasonable knowledge of the patient’s history and the dosage and precautions of the proposed medication.

The medico-legal responsibilities of ship’s officers and owners relies on the excellence of on-board medical and pharmacy practice linked with comprehensive product labelling and understandable, yet simple, data on medicines and diseases.

Rob Richards and Matthew Peers are directors of the Marine Medical College (Melbourne, Australia) and their mission is to promote the safe and effective use of medications at sea.

Use the Marine Pharmacy Guide in conjunction with Pharmasea’s comprehensive Online Marine Medical Services or as a detailed standalone reference book.


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