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Meeting God: Metaphysics, a memoir

Angad Kishmish
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-98-0
Print ISBN: 978-1-925271-97-3

About the Project
Angad's book project was for print and ebook. We started with the cover design, using imagery requested by the customer. This project was very straightforward, with no corrections throughout. We took the customer's supplied manuscript and typeset it for print, using the cover design for inspiration. We then aggregated the book to print on demand. At the same time we worked on the ebook conversion, taking the final print design and formatting it for digital reading. The customer signed off on the project and we aggregated the ebook to our usual vendors. Angad was a pleasure to work with, and we wish her the best.

About the book
A 33-year-old Fine Arts graduate is travelling through India and South east Asia when she encounters a lot more than what she bargained for in the spiritual/esoteric experience she was seeking. What she discovers is too much for her to comprehend at the time, so she hilariously remains in denial of it and continues to indulge in her hedonistic existence, in direct contrast to what she has been instructed. In retrospect (20 years later), we take this incredible journey with her, and discover what is required of us to make the next evolutionary step in our consciousness. The instruction came from Someone who is not Human.

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