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News Sense

Bob Jervis (Author)

This book was provided by the customer as a Word document. This was a conversion only job. We were requested to embed the fonts in order to keep the newspaper-style look to the font and layout.  There were many indented paragraphs where the type size needed to be smaller than the rest (quotes, etc) as well as double column paragraphs (which represented excerpts/examples of newspaper stories). Overall, it ended up looking very neat and clean and certainly looks like an interesting book.

Book Information

NEWS SENSE, by Bob Jervis, a member of a well-known South Australian journalistic family, is unique in Australian journalism. Jervis has drawn on his experience as cadet counsellor of The Advertiser, Adelaide, for 17 years, to write the first comprehensive handbook for rank beginners in journalism and for those who aspire to the Fourth Estate.

News Sense concentrates on the basics of reporting, with close focus on the news-writing skills. Thus, such important topics as news gathering, news judgment and interviewing are covered in single chapters; newspaper ethics and economics, legal problems and other aspects of "advanced" journalism are discussed only in passing.

Major emphasis is put on the all-important "intro" (the introduction, or first sentence) in news stories. Fourteen chapters deal, wholly or partly, with the intro.

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