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Ordinary Wealth

ordinary-wealth-coverContributors: Ed Murphy
ISBN: 978-1-925271-68-3
Published Date: 22 July 2015
Ebook available:
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About the project
This customer provided us with his final Microsoft Word manuscript ready to be converted to both epub and mobi ebook files. There were a number of tables throughout the book that needed attention due to having to many columns which can be an issue when reading on certain tablets.

The project also consisted of image optimisation to minimise their overall file size but at the same time keeping their original quality.

The front cover was designed using a modern and a minimal design approach encapsulating the underlying theme of the book being a journey, or road to wealth travelled by ordinary people.

Once converted, we then distributed to all major vendors.

About the book

Ordinary people can become wealthier than they imagined possible. All that is needed is a little knowledge, some determination and a lot of time.

Yet most people in our society do not become wealthy. They are ordinary, hard working wage earners who live on what they earn and end a working lifetime with very little wealth. Ordinary Wealth explains why this happens and how it can be different. It shows the reader how money operates in the life of a normal person.

Ordinary Wealth explains how to grow wealth without the need for experts or complex investment strategies. It provides a clear, easy to understand ordinary person’s do-it-yourself plan for living a more financially fruitful life.

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