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Perfect Mercy

Contributors: Elaine Fraser (Author)
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About the project
Using the customer’s own cover, we converted the book to ePub and Mobi and aggregated it to Apple and Amazon. This was a fairly straightforward eBook with the only complexity being that some of the fonts needed to be embedded. The whole project went smoothly from start to finish. The end result was a very nicely laid-out eBook with a classy cover. It was a pleasure to work with Elaine.

Book Information
Mercy Hamilton has the perfect life. She’s gorgeous, has amazing fashion sense, she’s intelligent and has the perfect boyfriend, family and home.

Things start to unravel when Mercy does something she regrets at a party. Her perfect world falls apart when she discovers her parents haven’t been as happy as she believed, her reputation is ruined and her relationship with her boyfriend breaks down. In real life our choices have consequences and, just when you think there is no hope, along comes Perfect Mercy.

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