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Retail Customer Service Training

 Beverley Jean Hooker (Author)9781925271225
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271225

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Project Information

The manuscript was supplied to us in Microsoft Word format which was converted to standard epub and mobi reflowing format. We designed the front cover using a customer-supplied abstract image used as the background. Ebook Designer’s Touch™ was applied to the manuscript which complemented the already formatted content supplied by the customer. Careful attention was paid to ensure the images were with the appropriate text. It was then distributed to all major vendors once approved by the customer.

Book Information

Retail Customer Service Training” is a 12 month training program designed for all service providers, managers, supervisors and team leaders within the retail industry. It provides a ready-made, step-by-step training program covering the human elements of retail customer service.

This customer service training program offers a practical and pro-active approach to training which is backed up by real life case studies and research findings. It has a progressive learning style which enables the learner to understand one element of customer service before moving onto the next. It also explains how one element of customer service can have both a negative or positive consequence on another element and how it can affect the over-all quality of customer service.

“Retail Customer Service Training” provides the learner with easy to follow steps through the customer service process and explains how they as a service provider fit into that process for offering great customer service to their valued customers.

“Retail Customer Service Training” explains the what, how, when and why of the customer service process, followed by discussion, questions and answers which can be practiced back in the work place environment.

Janemaree - Retail Manager, says:

“This book definitely gave me a better understanding of the customer service process and what I should do to improve my own customer service skills. I liked the way it stepped me through each lesson focusing on only one aspect of the customer service process at a time before moving onto the next - all the while explaining how one aspect of customer service can impact on another with a negative or positive outcome. The case studies, questions and answers throughout the book helped to highlight this also.

After reading this book it has made me more aware of how important it is to make a good first impression with my customers – my shop presentation and how I look after all of my customers has all improved”.

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