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Ripple: What choice did she have?

9781925516418Author: Annie J Ryan (Facebook, Twitter)
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925516-41-8
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925516-42-5
Print ISBN: 978-1-925516-43-2
Print published date: 15 November 2016

About the project
We created the print layout and cover design with Annie for Ripple, using inspiration from the title, as well as using ideas that Annie had provided. In addition. With the print edition completed we distributed it via print-on-demand.

We also did the ebook conversion for Ripple, and released the ebook to our usual four vendors.

About the book
Going for a run with a ball of fury may not have been Mel Wilson’s best idea. On the way back to her car she is catapulted into the bright lights of the media.

In the months following, her life shimmers with newness: new job, new man, and new dilemmas.

When an international sports event throws a spotlight on the town, the whole community quivers with excitement. A new best friend helps Mel concoct brilliant plans for her business. Some even work.

A familiar face complicates the new life she’s built for herself and her children.

As the icy winds roll in and everyone hunkers down for winter, Mel’s not sure she can face the problem she’s been avoiding.

Emotional relationships with parents, children, friends and lovers, are exposed against the visceral beauty of Western Australia’s coast. Bonds are broken, hearts are ripped apart, and lives are turned upside down; business as usual in the shadowy suburbs of Perth.

‘Ripple’ tells the story of one woman’s struggle to keep both family and business together as she deals with ex-lovers, confronts financial chaos, and wrestles with an overwhelming desire to lie down in the long grass and let the universe take care of everything.

Annie J Ryan is the pen name of a Western Australian author who can be found daydreaming under tall trees or dozing under the luscious sun in Perth. This is her first novel.

About the author
Annie J Ryan grew up in the suburbs of Perth. She worked as a caretaker of equipment at University while studying. It came as no surprise to her that she was a spectacularly unsuccessful bookkeeper. Thankfully, she hadn’t chosen that as her career. For a number of years she was a managing director of a company. She’s taught, consulted and lectured in education. Presently, she’s involved in innovative education.

She writes continuously. Other things she’s written include poetry for weddings, stories for her children, and short stories.

Some of her spare time is spent outside enjoying the enormous Western Australian Coast. She is particularly partial to all of the delicious coastal cafes. On holidays, she flies away to experience other places and heavenly food along the wild Australian shore. She adores her family, friends, reading, sleeping, cycling, learning, eating, and being creative.

 She lives in Perth with her grown up children.

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