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Scams & Other Tricky Things

Contributors: John Brinkley (Author)
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About the project
We were involved in this book from the very beginning, in that we did the editing of the manuscript before the conversion process began. We designed the front cover, which also involved illustrating the image that ended up on the front cover. We used our Ebook Designer’s Touch™ to make the interior of the book visually appealing to the reader and the book was then converted from Microsoft Word to epub and mobi. This was a fairly straightforward eBook conversion however it did involve embedding fonts, which is not usually the norm with ebooks. This book looks like a very interesting and fascinating read. It was great to work with John and we hope to again in the future.

About the book
This book is a collection of scams and weird tricky things that have been tried on me (some with success) during my 59 years, both in Australia and in the more than 20 countries I have visited. There are also stories about scams and shysters I have heard or read about.

I have put this collection together because there are many different places where you can read about a few scams. I decided to put as many as I could find in one place. There are Travel Scams, Car Stealing Scams, On-Line Scams, Medical Scams, Building Scams, Corrupt Police Scams, Official Scams etc. This is not just dozens of different types of Nigerian scams.

My sources for the ones I have only read about are at the back of the book. They are mainly from Australian Government websites, but most have been re-written by me to be less clinical, easier to read infotainment, and to bring in my personal experiences.

There are some that I have copied directly from other publications and have acknowledged the ownership of the copyright.

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