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Secrets & Seductions

Contributors: Margaret Way (Author)

Ebook no longer available

About the project:
We designed the cover and did the ebook conversion and distribution for this famous romance author Margaret Way who was a professional pianist, teacher, and coach prior to her writing career. To date, she has written more than 130 books published in 114 countries in 34 languages and has sold over 100 million copies.

About the book:
Mallory James, child psychologist, has a tragic past that has haunted her all her life. After a long absence, she returns to the magical plantation house where her beloved uncle, Robert James, raised her after the death of her mother. Her brilliant academic father, Nigel, had handed over the raising of his child to his brother because he could not cope with Mallory's stunning resemblance to his late wife, a woman he and his brother had loved to the point of obsession.

Mallory knows she can find no peace until she confronts her demons. Her ex-fiancé, Jason, the man who betrayed her on the eve of their wedding is still there, married with a wife and child. And then there is Blaine Forrester, the only man to find a way through Mallory’s great wall of defences.

But in finding closure has Mallory only walked into danger?

A novel of love, obsession atonement.

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