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Self-publishing solutions

Here at PublishMyBook.Online (we have been trading as Australian eBook Publisher since 2011), we are committed to finding a solution for you that serves your interests best. Isn’t that amazing?! To that end we offer 3 completely different methods of self-publishing to suit the needs of different authors, businesses or organisations.





1—Complete publishing

If you visit the service pages of our website, you will see that we can do all of the tasks necessary to get your unique book published in your unique way. We are expert at taking care of everything from editing and cover design to book design, ebook conversion to printing, book distribution to book marketing.

The image below illustrates our complete publishing process, including the potential for integrating our marketing services with those of design, publishing coordination and book distribution. This provides you with certainty, ongoing training and the very best customer service and project management.


We understand that some people only want ebooks, some only want print. Some people have already got ISBNs or a cover. Some want to DIY but just need a bit of help.

It is sometimes the case that our 1–Complete publishing services may not be for you. 1–Complete publishing is where we offer personalised customer service to get your project properly managed and your book published. We take care of all the registrations, taxes, file conversions, testing, meta-data, incoming and outgoing money, and simply pay your royalties when they are due.

If you are the kind of author who wants to do it yourself as much as possible in order to keep the upfront costs down and maximise the returns later,  you could benefit from 2–Publishing consultation and/or 3–Just the services you need.

When comparing our prices for 1–Complete publishing to other customer-service-based publishing businesses, we are very competitive. When comparing to DIY platforms, however, we are not. It’s about working out what is best for you and comparing apples with apples. You will need to decide whether you want to spend your time organising your publication(s), or if you want someone else (a team of publishing professionals like PublishMyBook.Online) to discuss your needs and do parts or all of it for you. We can help you either way.

2—Publishing consultation

There are so many ways to DIY in self-publishing that it has become mind-boggling to newcomers. We have been in the writing and publishing space for decades and are across all the issues an independent publisher or indie author will face.

In the DIY approach to self-publishing, you do all the work of coordinating and organising your publishing project. For example, you get your files finalised and you choose exactly what files to use on the platform. You test the end result and you remain responsible for any mistakes. There will not be a person available who is familiar with you and your book. You will be on your own using an automated system.

If that sounds like what you want to do, or for financial reasons what you must do, we can offer you 2–Publishing consultation and/or 3–Just the services you need. For example, our team can design your book cover and then provide you with publishing consultation so that you can get your files created, then released worldwide. We can also design books for print and show you what to do with them to get them printed and distributed globally via print-on-demand. We can convert and test your ebook files then show you how to load them for sale.

One of our publishing consultants will work out what is the best method for you to get your book out there, including going direct to as many vendors as you can (to maximise your returns) rather than using an aggregator. Best of all, if you go down this path, you will get to keep 100% of the net receipts. Please also check out the book marketing action plan one of our book marketing experts can create for you.

Publishing a book is achieved by bringing together many different pieces of the puzzle. If a mistake or poor decision occurs at any stage it can compromise the entire project. Your experience of self-publishing may be challenging if you decide to go it alone or use a DIY automaton and meat-grinder. We are here to stand in the gap and help you bring all the publishing puzzle pieces together.


3—Just the services you need

We are approached regularly by people who know exactly what they need from us. Cover design only, for example. A line edit and a proofread. Book design for print. All the services can be stand-alone, except for ebook distribution.

So that we can determine which path is going to be best for you and which options we will recommend during a publishing consultation, can you please email us the answers to the following questions? Our email address is on the contact pages of the AEP and PMBO websites.

  1. Are you looking to DIY your self-publishing project in order to keep the costs down, but just need a bit of help?
  2. What pieces of the publishing puzzle have you taken care of already?
    As part of publishing consultation, we will ask you to send the files so we can check them.
  3. Have you worked with any of the major ebook vendors before?
    Amazon, Apple, GooglePlay, Kobo
  4. Australian entities only: Do you have an ABN? And if so, are you registered for GST?
  5. Do you have a website?
  6. Do you have a US ITIN (like a tax file number)? If not, are you comfortable with being shown how to get one?
  7. Have you purchased ISBNs, and can you handle your own library registrations and legal deposits?
  8. Desktop/laptop computer: Do you have a PC or a Mac?
  9. Devices: What tablet or mobile devices do you have to test ebook files on?
  10. What are your computer skills like? Give yourself a score from 1-10 in general computer use.
  11. Print only: Roughly how many copies do you want to print? How are you planning to distribute, market and ultimately sell your printed book?
  12. Cover design only: Please tell me the brief or ideas you have for what needs to go on your book cover

If you are not sure how to answer some of the above, do not worry. This is what 2–Publishing consultation is for. Everyone is different! Your situation may be slightly different to anything we have encountered before and that’s OK. What we are trying to do is find out where you are, meet you on the road, hold your hand and help you along your way.

If it turns out that you really need to be carried, we can do that too! If you do want a quote for us to handle it all for you (1–Complete publishing), please use the quote request form on AEP or PMBO.

We look forward to helping you figure out what is truly the best thing for you and your book.

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