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Set by the Ancients

Authors: Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk

About the project
We converted this book from pdf to epub and mobi. This book had quite a lot of images so the challenge lay in ensuring that all images were of a consistent size to each other. Using the existing, client-supplied cover design, we optimized all of the images and aimed for consistency throughout, not only with the images but with heading fonts, paragraph spacing and any other text formatting that was necessary to produce a nice-looking ebook. The end result is a nice, clean design in an easy-to-read format. We think this book looks like it’s well worth the read, especially with such beautiful images. It was lovely to work with Stephen and we hope to again in the very near future.

About the book
"Set By The Ancients" is a story in progress about two people and their spiritual journey. It is very much a path of the heart, intuition, trust and an opening into the ancient knowledge held close by the Native elders and their peoples around the world.

It is also the story of a piece of "Pounamu" the sacred greenstone of New Zealand, that came to Paul to carve into 12 symbols and the journey of the first four to their final resting place at a sacred site somewhere in the world. Every symbol with its own special meaning and purpose.

In this, the first book in the trilogy, follow their laughter, tears and joy as they adventure from an ancient sacred site in New Zealand, to a holy Mountain of Peru, towards Mt Kailash of Tibet and the Big Island of Hawaii.

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