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Sex for Groceries: A Book of Trades, Money and Happiness

 Elizabeth Horsley (Author)Sexforgroceries
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-50-8

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This book is no longer available.

Project Information

This book project involved designing an ebook cover. This was particularly satisfying, as Liz had some professional shots taken with the cover in mind. Once we were happy with the cover, we converted the manuscript into an ebook and distributed it on all our usual vendors.

Book Information

“Sex for Groceries” tells it like it is. From the first chapter, author Elizabeth Horsley bluntly discusses the problem of human satisfaction, quipping that “Being poor and happy sucks, but so does being rich and empty.” Throughout the rest of the book, she shares intimate details about her personal life, the way her career in the financial industry infused her with purpose, and the way she managed to blaze the trail she’d dreamt for herself as a child.

Written with women in mind, there is no person who won’t benefit from the straightforward philosophy espoused by this first-time author. With chapters like “Getting Real”, “Tear Up Your Bucket List”, and “Watch out for the Avalanche” you won’t want to stop reading until well past bedtime.

Horsley combines principles of finance, philosophy, and honesty into an action-based formula for happiness. Whether you’re unsure what there is to be happy about or just need reminding, “Sex for Groceries” doesn’t disappoint.



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