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Soccer: Winning Through Planning and Testing

Contributors: Richard Alagich (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-24-9

Richard came to us with a highly complex printed book about soccer coaching. The book was full of images, tables and diagrams. We converted the book into epub and mobi, paying careful attention to formatting. The project went very smoothly and we finished it in record time thanks to Richard’s easy-going nature. 

About the book
Over many years, Richard Alagich has analysed the major technical and tactical elements of soccer, and has refined a structured program of development for young people. Soccer: Winning through Planning and Testing has been written to meet the needs of youth coaches, be they professional or amateur, in the early identification and specialisation of players. The book is intended to help soccer coaches analyse performances and as a result, help the coach in constructing programs of development that will assist the player strive for better results. If you’re coaching a squad of young people, whether it’s for your local community club, as a school teacher, or even with a professional or semi-professional team, this book will be invaluable.

Five levels of testing tailored for boys and girls from 9 to 18 years.

  • Complete, one-stop coaching program for testing and selecting players in a controlled systematic youth development program.
  • Contains 57 photographs, 25 diagrams, 20 age (9 to 18 yrs) percentage tables,13 flow charts and development graphs, 6 macrocycle coaching programs and microcycle coaching structures.
  • Letter from JurgNepfer - Head of the Development Department and Director of the Goal Project FIFA, the Federation Internationale de Football Association.


“ ...With typical astuteness and awareness of the needs of the modern game, Richard Alagich not only argues that the broad versatility of today’s footballers means a requirement to test them for a wide variety of qualities at an early age, but he has devised a detailed and scientific, though easy to read, guide to how to test them.

This work re-nominates Richard Alagich as one of the most perceptive and judicious development coaches in our midst...”

from the foreword by Les Murray, Director of SBS Sport

“...FIFA...this teaching manual by Richard Alagich is an excellent working tool for use in the practical side of football training.

Each chapter is clearly structured and defined making the reader immediately aware that the author is fully conversant with the most modern training methods.

A whole series of tests are described and instructions are given, not only on how to carry them out, but even more importantly, on how to evaluate the results.

Our heartiest congratulations go to the author.....”

JurgNepfer - Head of the Development Department and Director of the Goal Project -FIFA

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