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These books were provided as pdfs which we then converted to both epub and mobi for Tafe SA. There were many tables and images as well as cross references and hyperlinks, which made for a challenging task, however the books ended up looking very well-presented and easy to read. There was also the necessity to create downloadable pdfs for some of the forms at the back of each ebook, so that the reader could download and print the forms and fill them in for evaluation purposes. We also needed to add instructions within the ebooks for the reader to be able to create their own highlights and notations as they travelled through the book, as the job required that some forms not be downloadable. These non-downloadable forms became something that the reader could add their own notes to within the ebook. This made the books extremely user-friendly and just highlights the way technology has changed from the days when there were only print books available!

Book Information

These resources have been developed by TAFE SA to assist students in gaining the knowledge and skills required in working with children and infants, as well as working effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers.

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