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The Great Uncooking

Contributors: Natalie Prigoone (Author)

About the project
Natalie brought her manuscript for The Great Uncooking along with a large number of photos she had taken on her iPhone.

We proofread the manuscript, designed the cover and interior of the book, providing each page with a stylish and unique look that complemented the recipes perfectly. This was a highly technical use of our Ebook Designer's Touch™, and we are incredibly proud of the design that we created (scroll to the bottom for some pictures of the original manuscript and our design). This included several custom graphics, backgrounds and hand drawn illustration.

We then converted the manuscript to a fixed layout ePub and interactive PDF version.

Natalie distributed this book herself, and you can find it on iBooks here.

About the book
Detox! Lose Weight! Glow with vitality! Over 100 raw food recipes to supercharge your health. Are you confused by conflicting dietary advice? Are you left with a host of low fat cookbooks and an ever-increasing waistline? You are not alone. Deciding what to eat on the path to wellness has become confusing. The food that you eat should not give you acne, make you forgetful or feel foggy. Your food should not leave you feeling depressed or in need of an immediate nap. Your food should not hold your emotions hostage; make you fat (despite not eating very much and doing lots of exercise).

Instead: Your food should make you feel alive, energetic and optimistic. Raw food makes you glow, heal quickly, and has the ability to power up your mind & memory. Your natural state is free from diabetes, constipation and arthritis. All this and more awaits you if you decide to uncook your food and eat more raw.

This book takes the best of the scientific information that is out there and offers it to you in a condensed form, providing the what to eat and the why we eat it. Biohacking is a new buzzword coined to describe the practice of taking results from leading biological studies to short cut your way to health. It’s not cheating it’s just using the wisdom that we have always known, but have forgotten. Like Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine."

Original manuscript screenshots


Ebook screenshots






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