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The Power Of Women Over Men And How To Use It

Contributors: Nick Karson (Author)

Project Information
Nick brought us his manuscript for The Power Of Women Over Men And How To Use It as a Word document. He already had a cover made, so all we had to do was convert the file in to reflowing epub and mobi files. The entire process was simple, quick and easy.

Book Information

Nick Karson’s life-changing book, THE POWER OF WOMEN OVER MEN, blows open the doors to the male mind and unleashes your natural female power. Discover how men truly think and how to make them want you, respect you, and pursue you. Learn the secrets to make your dating life explode with attention from wonderful men. Nick’s memoirs on dating have appeared in one of Australia’s largest newspapers. Forget the rest; this is the best.

No more tears or heartache — this book covers everything you need to know, quickly teaching you how to:

• Attract and keep your perfect man.
• Discover and unleash your natural power over men and ooze self-confidence.
• Make men automatically respect and pursue you.
• Engage the “rules” of sex to your advantage.

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