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The Stylised Version of You®

Contributors: Dr Christiaan Willems (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925177-16-9
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About the project
This project involved converting the customer supplied pdf manuscript into standard reflowing epub and mobi formats. We also created an enhanced epub version using 9 videos supplied by the customer. No book design was required as the supplied pdf manuscript already contained professional book design which was very suitable for this type of book. Once the final drafts were approved, we then distributed the enhanced version to Apple and the standard ebook versions to all major vendors.

About the book
This is a Workbook, a ‘Briefcase Workbook’.

It is not a lengthy theoretical treatise on communication. It is in ‘quick reference’ style about the non-verbal, ‘physicality’, body-language aspects of presenting: the chapters are deliberately short, to the point, and immediately useful in an everyday practical way, in preparation for your next presentation.

At the same time however, it provides depth for the detailed analysis, enhancement, and implementation of your own presenting techniques for the longer-term development of your professional presentations. Whilst it is about the ‘non-verbal’, my definition of non-verbal includes not just body-language but also encompasses other non-verbals such as: the physical space; preparation; rehearsal; and performance anxiety. All of which ultimately impact on both the verbal and non-verbal aspects of presenting.

Working through these chapters will help to enhance not only your presenting technique, but also your self-confidence and presence - enabling you to deliver a more comfortable, confident, clear, and credible, professional presentation. Enjoy it.

“I had my first eBook published by Amanda's company Australian eBook Publisher. The experience was very positive, professional, and productive. I am happy to highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking to publish online.”—Dr Christiaan Willems

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