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Toilet Training Guide: Toilet Train Your Little One in Just Three Days

MortonCover_FinalAuthor: Bronte Morton
Ebook published date: 16 December 2016

About the project
We first edited Bronte's manuscript before formatting it for fixed layout ebook conversion using a basic version of our Ebook Designer's Touch™. We also designed the cover to be published with the book on Apple, Google Play and Amazon.

About the book
Your complete guide to ensure only success as you and your little one embrace the toilet training journey together. It's real, raw and authentic.

Toilet trained in just three days. Yes by following this guide the outcome will mean your little one will be dry most of the time after the first three days. As time goes on you will look back and won't remember the last time your little one had a accident.

Included in this guide is everything you need to know about toilet training including the stuff no one tells you.

- top beneficial tips to achieve success
- preparing yourself and your little one
- what to actually expect
- potty/toilet seat & undies vs. training pants
- 3 day guide, after day 3
- day and night sleeping

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