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Urban Favourites

Joel Owen (Author)

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This project was an aggregation only job, using a supplied epub file and fixing up the coding so that the Table of Contents linked correctly to images at the beginning of the chapters. We then created the mobi file and then the eBook was uploaded to Apple, Amazon, Kobo and Google.

Book Information

Urban Graze is Sydney's premier hands-on cooking school offering classes that focus on high quality, non-intimidating, food education.

Since August 2006, Urban Graze Cooking School in Sydney Australia, has been offering hands-on cooking classes with over 1500 classes conducted and counting. The school offers more styles of regional cuisines than any other cooking school in Australia. The recipes have been tried and tested many times and they work. This cook book has over 85 recipes all with colour photos and will appeal to foodies looking for easy and exciting ideas with a twist. The book contains recipes influenced from countries including Thailand, Vietnam, France, India, Mexico and China with two dedicated chapters on Desserts.

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