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Wrestling with Difficult Stakeholders

Author: Christopher Shen (with Simon Moss)

Print ISBN: 978-1-925999-48-8
Epub ISBN:
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925999-50-1

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About the project

Christopher Shen first approached us about his book, Wrestling with Difficult Stakeholders, in 2019. We did the cover design, following Christopher’s specific brief, and did the print design of the interior of the book. It was then printed via our print-on-demand service, which also covers a wide range of booksellers. The book was then converted into an ebook and distributed via our online distributors. We also did a Marketing Stage 1 Action Plan for Chris to direct him on the best way forward for his marketing campaign.

About the book

Wrestling with Difficult Stakeholders offers practical, validated techniques that all employees, from recent graduates to experienced managers, can apply to their interactions with a range of difficult people in their businesses and lives.

The ability to deal with difficult stakeholders is essential when interacting with others in the workplace. It’s important to identify the reasons why we find them difficult and explore our response to them.

In this interactive handbook, you will learn practical strategies for dealing with difficult stakeholders, outraged people and those demonstrating emotional distress, including communication techniques, empathy and body language. This will help you to be assured and effective whenever you face them and will give you more confidence in any situation.

About the Author

Christopher Shen is a psychologist who has a passion for developing high-performance solutions in the workplace. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in psychology from Monash University in 1994 and is currently undertaking a PhD in psychology.

Christopher's passion for elite achievement in sport and personal development is a key motivation in his corporate work. He has represented Australia in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling and has competed in several mixed martial arts fights. He has also coached wrestling in the Australian Football League and officiates for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, an international mixed martial arts sports event.

Simon Moss is Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor at Charles Darwin University. His primary research concerns how the characteristics of organisations and societies, such as inequality of income or leadership, influence the brain function and ultimately the mood, creativity, intuition, engagement and honesty of individuals.

Visit Christopher’s website:

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Published on 27th August 2020. Tags line editing, book cover design (ebook or print), ebook, ebook conversion, ebook distribution, marketing, publishing consultation.