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After writing a book and deciding to self-publish it you must deploy certain tools to appeal to the right readers. Your cover has a critical role to play in getting your book considered by readers. A cover, whether poorly or richly designed does all of the following things:

  • Book covers make a statement about the author
  • Book covers portray the content of the book in simple visual form

A good Australian book cover designer, like those at Australian eBook Publisher, will do the following:

  • Read the blurb and understand the genre and target market of your book
  • Bring cultural awareness to all aspects of the cover, including the subject-matter, focus, tone, colours, textures, imagery and text
  • Ensure that your book cover highlights important sales information, such as the title, subtitle and a sales line (if you don't have a sales line, you can purchase a low cost marketing action plan from us first)
  • Create ebook covers that are visually stunning as thumbnails not just as large images
  • Proofread the text
  • Follow your lead if you have specific ideas, but inform you if they feel these will not work well for selling your book

Images and fonts for book covers
It's one thing to put together a fantastic cover design, but there are always underlying assets being used, such as images and fonts. So where do they come from and who chooses them? This will differ depending on you and the concept for your book cover.

Australian eBook Publisher has access to a wide range of professional fonts and graphical stock (stock images). We also buy stock images when needed or even create customised graphics and illustrations.

Depending on the brief for your cover, we will either use images you supply, source our own or create them from scratch. Your quote will reflect the approach being taken for your book cover.

Australian printed book cover designer
Designing a book cover for print instead of ebook is a different process. For one thing, printed book covers have a back and a spine. To be print-ready they also need to have bleed, be in a CMYK colour space, high resolution (300dpi+) and have correct trapping, printer marks and other settings on the PDF.

Our printers are able to supply us with a template, such as the one pictured right, after the interior file is completed. The interior of a book affects the cover as the spine width will change depending on the number of pages.

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"I have really appreciated your support with my book, Amanda. I'm sure your other clients are of the same opinion. Quality professionalism is never in over supply, neither is generosity of spirit. You have both."—Henry Grossek, radio announcer and author of Game On: Building the Education Revolution

"Thank you, Australian eBook Publisher. I am delighted with the quality of the print edition of my novel, Beast-speaker. The service that Amanda and her team provide is exceptional: friendly, helpful and everything is delivered within the promised time-frame. The print on demand package is easy and affordable, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering publishing with Australian eBook Publisher."—W. A. Noble, author of Beast-speaker

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