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100 Tips to Be a Great Leader: Volume I

9781925635225Author: Tim Wilke (LinkedInTwitter, FacebookWebsite)
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925635-22-5
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925635-23-2
Print ISBN: 978-1-925635-27-0
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About the project
We started this project with a quick proofread of Tim's manuscript before we created the print layout and cover design. Tim had some specific ideas in his mind for the cover, and we were able to portray these ideas in a design clearly. We used a consistent colour scheme and icon throughout to make the cover and interior of the book match. The print edition was then made available through print-on-demand.

We also created an ebook edition of Tim's book. Some tweaks were required to make sure the design looked good in the ebook as well as print. Once the ebook was completed, we distributed it on our usual vendors.

About the book
100 Tips to Be a Great Leader: Volume I is a collection of invaluable insights into topics such as

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Followership
  • The Right Behaviour
  • The Right Skills
  • Change and Self-Development
  • Over-Confidence.

Part I of this book gives beneficial tips on effectively leading people from highly-acclaimed management and leadership experts.

Part II contains an assortment of the author's tips on what it takes to be a great leader, based on personal observations, experience and research gained over a forty-year period, as both a manager and business leader.

Of the one hundred tips, some can be put into practice immediately, while others require a degree of reflection and planning before actioning them.

Each of the tips packs a big punch. So it's easy to find advice that will inspire managers to change, for the better, the way they currently carry out their role as a leader in business or the community.

This book is aimed at everyone from young leaders on the rise, to those in the most senior positions in a company. 100 Tips to Be a Great Leader: Volume I is designed, not to be read from cover to cover, but in short bursts. So no matter how busy you are, you can always take a few moments to absorb one or more of the one hundred tips available.

About the author
Tim Wilke is a specialist on current leadership thinking and combines this with the latest neuroscientific research on what makes a successful leader.

He has had a lifelong thirst for knowledge and a passion for understanding how things work. As a child it was everything from dinosaurs to astronomy, and at school it was science and mathematics. From his early days as a Medical Scientist, where he became highly proficient in biochemistry, physiology and neuro-endocrinology, he enjoyed being able to ‘work things out’ in several specialist areas of science.

From day one of his working life, he was in charge of staff, in some cases, people who were decades older than him. His first boss mentored him to understand the power of working well with people, and to apply commonsense leadership principles which held him in good stead when it came time to move into what became a CEO role for 13 years in a large not-for profit organisation with an agenda of primary health care reform.

Maintaining that intense curiosity for knowing how things work, his focus shifted from science to people and in particular, the areas of leadership and how to maximize the capability of a company through its people.

Tim is also a prolific and award winning writer with more than 50 scientific research papers published world-wide; a university lecturer in endocrine physiology; and a former professional rock’n’roll guitarist. An enigmatic conversationalist with a wide range of expertise in multiple areas, Tim is available for consulting, training, or to speak at your next event. For more details please visit his website or connect with him on Social Media.

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