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12 Paths to Fulfillment

  Paul Fenton-Smith (Author)

What we did:

This project was a conversion only project, so we used the Microsoft Word file we were supplied with and created the epub and mobi. There were 24 chapters and 10 tables. We used the client-supplied cover to create a nice, clean-looking ebook.


This book offers a powerful glimpse of your life’s purpose and a guide to finding deeper fulfilment from work, friendships and family relationships. Often this results in increased happiness. Based on the ancient study of astrology, this book reveals opportunities for change, growth and a deeper understanding of what you can give back in life.

It also includes:

  • A guide to why some of your family members drive you crazy.
  • How to better understand the choices of people you love.
  • Insight into your boss, staff or co-workers’ motivations.
  • A clearer perspective on why the person you love has changed into someone different over the years and where these changes may be leading
  • Awareness of how to reshape personal attitudes to improve your journey through life.

A colour chart reveals 12 possible paths and offers a quick way to identify a person’s life direction. The benefits of each life-path are carefully outlined, along with the accompanying frustrations when we resist. Using the chart it’s possible to examine the life directions of your friends, family members and co-workers. It can help increase your patience and compassion for them while they overcome their individual life challenges.
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