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Contributors: Grania Poliness
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271393
Print ISBN: 9780646931913
Ebook available: This book is no longer for sale.

About the project
Grania already had a well laid out manuscript in the form of a PDF, that she wanted converted in to a reflowing epub and mobi as well as to be used for print on demand.

We converted the image intensive book to reflowing epub and mobi and after some conversion of the file formats and resolutions we were also able to put the file up for sale as a print on demand book.

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Contributors: Ray Burt
Publish Date: 18 November 2015
Ebook ISBN: 9781925427080
Print ISBN: 9781925427097
Ebook available: amazonkindlegoogleplayiBookstoreKobo

Print book available: amazon

About the project
Ray Burt is a writer of poetic-prose that creatively investigates some unusual ways of looking at our history and the world.

Ray brought us his manuscript as a word document and wanted it converted to reflowing epub and mobi files, with Ebook Designers Touch as well as a cover design. In addition Ray wanted the book designed for  Print on Demand.
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Contributors: Warren Purnell
Epub ISBN: 9781925177763
Mobi ISBN: 9781925177770
Ebook available: This title is no longer available

About the project
Warren already had a printed hardback book version of Dinkum Aussie Ringer when he approached us, wanting to see it come to life as a reflowing ebook.

He didn't have a manuscript, only a copy of the original book - which we OCR scanned for him and then from there developed into an ebook, including the cover and all of the great illustrations and photographs throughout the book.

As part of Warren's marketing we are also creating a website and some marketing materials.

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Authors: Candice Gleeson

About the project
Candice came to us with a manuscript that she wanted converted in to reflowing epub and mobi files. The cover and layout were already created and the job was simply to convert to the manuscript to an ebook.

She only wanted the ebook files and opted not to publish the book through us and take advantage of our distribution.

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Author: Linda Carr
ISBN: 9781925029505

About the project
Linda came to us with a ready made PDF of her book layout which she wanted converted to fixed layout epub and mobi files. The cover was already designed and the layout already created, so all we had to do was convert the book layout to an ebook for her.

She had some alterations to her original layout, specifically removing some graphics and some imperfections that had come about from being in a PDF and then she was happy with the result! ...continue reading "The New Facilitators Handbook For Group Workshops"

Author: A J Neeson
ISBN: 978-1-925427-07-3

About the project
A J approached us with his educational electricity story as a Word document and a handful of fantastic hand made illustrations. We then crafted this in to reflowing epub and mobi files, resulting in a very professional, amusing and educational book for primary school students (and fans of electricity). ...continue reading "The Wonderful Story Of Electricity"