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Advancing Trade Development: A Study into International Trade Promotion

Contributors: Export Council of Australiacover_400px
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9942686-0-0
Published date: 10th November 2015
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About the book
This report is a descriptive review of the excellent trade promotion services offered by public agencies in 10 select countries. The report shares their experience and contributions to international best practice, as well as promotes conversation on the topic of trade support. Case Studies featured:

  • Singapore: a model state for the discussion of trade promotion activities and the degree to which they can mesh with and serve national economic goals, as well as support successful innovation
  • Hong Kong: one of the world’s freest economies and its TPOs reflect this with their light-handed touch to trade promotion and strong focus on facilitation
  • Taiwan: an integral cog in international supply chains and offers trade support that is highly focused on market development and business matching
  • Germany: home to world-beating exporters and a well-developed trade promotion network offering a breadth and depth of services
  • UK: recognises the integral role SMEs play in export success and its TPOs offer a range of services to support their growth
  • United States: one of the world’s most competitive economies and a case study in fostering partnerships to drive export growth
  • Canada: similar to the US in the close collaboration its TPOs enjoy with businesses, as well as the all-of-government approach taken to trade promotion
  • Brazil and Chile: good examples of sector-based approaches to trade promotion, developing targeted international sectors where domestic firms may enjoy a competitive advantage
  • New Zealand: a very trade-dependent economy with a unique take on capability and international market development Who would benefit from this publication? This report is published for the benefit of those engaged in any activity related to international business and will be of particular interest to:
  • Government and industry bodies engaged in providing trade promotion services
  • Companies engaged in international business
  • Students undertaking study into International Business, Commerce or related International Trade courses

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