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Aussie Insights

Contributors: Steve Yinfoo (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925177930

About the Project

Aussie Insights was converted to a fixed layout eBook from photos and quotes supplied by the customer. The photos supplied by the customer were high quality images and optimisation was necessary to reduce the overall file size. Once we converted the ebook, we loaded the files to Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Google.

This book is no longer available for sale

About the book

This book has been created to uplift the spirit of the reader due to the current world we are in. Too often this world sometimes seems too much to cope with and it gets you down. Photographer, Anne Yinfoo, has been lifting the spirits of friends and relatives with her beautiful artistic photos and quotes for years. It is time to share these moments with the world. To help everyone in some small way to see that the plants, animals, flora and fauna all survive and keep on keeping on, no matter what happens in the world. Take the birds for example, if there was a bushfire and all the trees and grass burnt to cinder, do you see them sulking in the tree, giving up on life, giving up on their family? NO, they keep going, doing their absolute best to forage for food to feed the chicks, stay alive, find water, they never stop. As humans, we let some of the smallest things get in the road if our positive mind, the spirit we need to keep going and stay positive. Obviously there are also worse situations in life, cancer, disabilities, and chronic dieses but no matter where you fit in the need for positive thought is necessary. You have the power to display positive energy which helps other regain their energy, lest share the power to all in hope the world feels our collective energy. Please enjoy the book and remember, a picture says 1000 words, feel the energy of what you see, nature’s own contrasts, the warmth and inner peace as it is all real and all Australian. All efforts have been made to identify the authors of the quotes used in this book.




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