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Best Ever Swimming Pool Games

 Peter Hudson (Author)9781925271669
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271669

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Peter brought his manuscript and high resolution illustrations to us to be converted into standard reflowing epub and mobi formats. Included in this project was cover design where we worked with one of the customer’s illustrations to be used as part of the design. We also applied Ebook Designer’s Touch™ to the manuscript which included image/content formatting and spacing, adding motifs, usage of stylised fonts, and colour modifications making the book look more exciting and professional. The final ebook was then distributed to all major vendors once approved by the customer.

Book Information

All you need for hours of fun is a swimming pool and this book.

The Best Ever Swimming Pool Games explains how to play over 60 games, which require little or no equipment. There are games for as few as two players and games for large teams.

This brightly illustrated book is a great resource for families, summer parties, schools and swimming instructors. Kids and adults will agree that there is no better way to exercise, develop water skills and enjoy the time in the water.

From traditional games such as "Marco Polo" to other more inventive games such as "Netpune's Treasure" and "Davy Jones's Locker", there are endless summers' worth of fun with this book.

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