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Bill Avery (Author)

Ebook available: This ebook is no longer available.


We converted this book from Word to epub and mobi. This project went smoothly and was it was a pleasure to work with Bill. There were a lot of images and some tables and other complex formatting which made it more challenging than your average book. However, we managed to get a consistent feel throughout the book, and ended up with an easy-to-read and very informative guide for hikers and walkers.

Book Information

Federation Track West is a 1,400 kilometre hiking route starting at the site of Australia’s first Federal Parliament, the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne and finishing at the South Australian Parliament House - site of the Second National Australasian Convention in March 1897 where the Constitution of the new Commonwealth of Australia was finalised. The route runs along existing walking tracks, fire trails, back country roads and beaches to form a critical link in a future national walking track from Sydney to Adelaide. This guide, covering the first stage of Federation Track West has been designed for walkers to hike from the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles on Victoria’s south-western coast in a series of one day rambles or walking holidays. You'll find that it is more than just detailed track notes with walk planners, ascent/descent profiles, camp sites, other accommodation, public transport information and vehicle access details for each section as well as facts on the geology, plants and wildlife of the areas you will visit. It is also full of historical notes, local anecdotes, regional information and notes on the best scenic spots and places of interest along this beautiful Track. It's almost as if you had Bill with you, showing you the Track he loves so well and providing all the information you need for a successful walking holiday along one of the world’s most picturesque coasts.

There are chapters providing information for backpack walkers as well as day walkers and a brief history of the Federation Track. This is a book for casual ramblers, holiday walkers, hiking enthusiasts, keen photographers, nature lovers or anyone who has ever wondered where the track at the end of the street finished up.

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