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Geoff Heriot (Author)

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This ebook was converted from Indesign to ePub and Mobi by our team and published by us. This book had a lot of images so it was a challenge to get it to the correct size and format for uploading, without compromising the quality of the images. Geoff was great to work with, and the job went smoothly despite its challenges.

Book Information

It begins with two wooden boats: the schooner designed by L. Francis Herreshoff and Bruce Kirby’s sharpie ketch. From these two float tales of then and now – stories of sail and sea in the Australian south, of design and artistic craftsmanship, builders, teacher-mentors, sprung planks, loss and the rescue of ageing boats. Like an ocean meanders, each tale breaks out from the main current, taking the reader on a sinuous journey from New England in the USA to the ‘inland sea’ of Port Phillip, across Bass Strait to Tasmania and the Southern Ocean

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