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Jay Gloria (Author)

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Using a client-supplied cover design, we converted this book from a print pdf to a standard ePub and mobi and then we aggregated the eBook as well. This was a reasonably straightforward conversion, as there were no images, tables or the like. However we embedded the font for the chapter headings, which kept it consistent with the font on the front cover. Overall, it’s a really nice-looking eBook and the customer was happy with the final result.

Book Information

Romantic, thrilling and dramatically addictive, the first compelling novel in the Dracula Vampira series will captivate you as tensions seductively heat when five challenging men enter Imogen’s life and take her on a mystical journey, where the past catches up with the future.

It all begins when the vampires Azius and Callum arrive unexpectedly in Port Arthur, Tasmania, 2018 to warn Imogen of her destiny. Both vampira fear the worst when they find that Imogen cannot open her mind ti the unfolding events.

Torn from the present by the preternatural power of the snake Cypress, Imogen emerges in 1877, Tasmania’s post-convict era, and finds her life in imminent danger.

It turns out that vampires, werewolves and a supernatural snake indeed exist, and Australia is caught in a world changing occult struggle against which Imogen is destined to prevail.

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