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Contributors: John Brinkley (Author)
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About the project
We were involved in this book from the very beginning, in that we did the editing of the manuscript before the conversion process began. We designed the front cover, which also involved illustrating the image that ended up on the front cover. We used our Ebook Designer’s Touch™ to make the interior of the book visually appealing to the reader and the book was then converted from Microsoft Word to epub and mobi. This was a fairly straightforward eBook conversion however it did involve embedding fonts, which is not usually the norm with ebooks. This book looks like a very interesting and fascinating read. It was great to work with John and we hope to again in the future. ...continue reading "Scams & Other Tricky Things"

John Brinkley (Author)

Ebook available: This book is no longer for sale.


This ebook was a reasonably straightforward conversion project from a Word document with 32 chapters and over 65 images which were all optimised. We designed the cover then used the font from the cover throughout the book in the heading font. This font was embedded so that the reader of the device sees this font as soon as they open the book.

Australian eBook Publisher distributed it through Kobo, Google Play, Apple and Amazon. It was a pleasure to work with John again (his other ebook is titled “Scams & Other Tricky Things”) and we hope to see him come back to us with his next book!

Book Information

I had never thought my life was particularly interesting until I was at a high school reunion for those that were turning fifty that year. Part of the invitation included an offer to submit a short history of our lives since school. This was subsequently printed in a magazine of which we all received a copy.

At the reunion, some of the people who had helped in its organising, and been involved in the publishing of the magazine and therefore privy to the contents, came up to me and said what an interesting life I had. Later, upon reading about the lives of some of my former fellow students, I realised how bored I might have been if I had not been me.

Those of you planning a holiday to Bali may find several chapters particularly useful. We have visited several times and have a son living there.

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