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John Fisher (Author)

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The pdf manuscript supplied by the customer didn’t have live text so we first OCR’d the book before doing the conversion. This book was converted to a fixed layout enhanced ebook where we included an embedded audio voice over which reads out aloud as the reader flips through the book. We also distributed the ebook to all 4 major vendors.

Book Information

Captain Sean Fisher orders his crew to abandon ship. Only his first mate and close fried disobeys,together both men prepare to go down with HMAS Daffodil. Little do they realise that another naval officer is on board. Admiral Pip, a courageous and energetic mouse who has no time for pessimists.

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Contributors: John Fisher (Author)
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About the project
John’s book was edited before we applied Ebook Designer’s Touch™ to give the book an old western type feel. We then converted it to a standard reflowing epub and mobi. Once John approved the final draft we then distributed his ebook to Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Google. ...continue reading "A Saddlebag Preachers Story"